Track Scopes End to End

Automated. Every Step. Compliance-Ready Data.

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Facilities using InnerSpace Cloud Technology

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Quality Scope Data

A Connected Endoscopy Workflow Solution

On demand reports that support internal and external audits querying data from users to scopes

Track Scopes in Real-Time

Reprocessing events, user actions, and device diagnostics are turned into actionable insights that will improve your clinical operations and traceability

Platform Capabilities

Everything you need for smart storage solutions

Our platform comes ready to use on day one when you take delivery and adds value to your bespoke workflow.

Data trail
Detailed user and context specific historical records.
Manage individual user, device, and fleet security standards.
Real-time email alerts based on critical business process and requirements.
Stay informed how staff use equipment and improve workflow
Keep all your data in sync between a fleet of devices
Improve your workflow with an integrated barcode platform

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